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Deliliah PV1

Deliliah PV2: Role play and spanking

Deliliah PV3:  Modeling and shower

Deliliah PV4:  Sexy striptease on the bed.

Deliliah PV5:

Fun with a popsicle!

Deliliah PV6

Deliliah PV7

Plays with her toy

Deliliah PV9

Deliliah PV10


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Mac Logo 2

Welcome to Mac’s Amateur Models!  We have a ton of great amateur videos from some great producers.  Browse the site and I am sure you will find something that you want to watch.

This is an adult site and contains sexually explicit content.  You must be 18 years old to enter.

Weekend Special!  Enjoy one of Kelly D’s smoking hot videos for $9.99!

Sandlmodels Kelly D PV5 (120 minutes)   $9.99

This is the second part of the video shoot.  There are 4 different camera angles.  Kelly D gets naked, gets fondled, and gets massaged.  It is a very interesting video with some hot stuff in it.  There is a lot of video here.

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SM Kelly D PV5 5

SM Kelly D PV5 25

SM Kelly D PV5 35

SM Kelly D PV5 87

SM Kelly D PV5 107

SM Kelly D PV5 147

SM Kelly D PV5 162

SM Kelly D PV5 207

SM Kelly D PV5 277

SM Kelly D PV5 294

SM Kelly D PV5 306

SM Kelly D PV5 315

SM Kelly D PV5 316

SM Kelly D PV5 362

SM Kelly D PV5 414

SM Kelly D PV5 454

Ahh, I love these private videos.  The models get to let it all hang out for just the paying customers, not the general public.  Here we have lovely Nina unwinding after her second video shoot for Sandmodels.  She is a very sexy lady and I love to watch her pleasuring herself with one of her favorite toys.  Enjoy the show.

Download Nina PV2 (19 minutes) for $10.00

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SM Nina PV2 7

SM Nina PV2 11

SM Nina PV2 15

SM Nina PV2 20

SM Nina PV2 32

SM Nina PV2 51

SM Nina PV2 75

SM Nina PV2 104

It just keeps getting better with sexy blonde Erin.  This time, we get to watch her masturbate for us!  Erin does a nice striptease, shows us her two toys, and then gets down to business.  The video is 15 minutes long with 10 minutes of bonus footage from the second angle for 25 minutes in total.  Enjoy the show.

Download Erin PV1 (25 minutes) for $20.00

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SM Erin PV1 5

SM Erin PV1 13

SM Erin PV1 20

SM Erin PV1 108

SM Erin PV1 120

SM Erin PV1 38

SM Erin PV1 132

SM Erin PV1 154

Well, here we go.  Nina and Sandlmodels have given us the cherry on top of the sundae that was Nina’s first hot shoot.  She has been posing and teasing all day and is ready for some relief.  Nina starts out with a sexy strip tease and gets herself comfortable.  She starts masturbating with her fingers and then with the dildo.  I didn’t post any previews of the dildo action, but there is several minutes and Nina really gets into it.  This is a great scene.  Check it out.

Download Nina PV1 (38 minutes) for $20.00

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SM Nina PV1 11

SM Nina PV1 15

SM Nina PV1 22

SM Nina PV1 94

SM Nina PV1 39

SM Nina PV1 134

SM Nina PV1 176

SM Nina PV1 262

This video is smoking hot!  Sexy blonde Corrine is back and she has brought her friend Astrid with her.  Astrid has never modeled, but she is very hot for Corrine, so she agreed to appear on camera.  The camera guy just turned on the camcorder and watched nature take its course.  Astrid and Corrine look perfect together.  They start with some petting and rubbing, and move on to sucking boobs and rubbing lotion.  Everything is very natural and spontaneous, just what we are always looking for.  This one is a classic from Sandlmodels.

Download Corrine PV1 (45 minutes) for $20.00

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SM Corrine PV1 6

SM Corrine PV1 15

SM Corrine PV1 25

SM Corrine PV1 43

SM Corrine PV1 51

SM Corrine PV1 63

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SM Corrine PV1 95

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SM Corrine PV1 111

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SM Corrine PV1 270

Exotic Allure Sasha Nexx Blowjobs (18 minutes)   $10.00

What is better than watching Sasha give a BJ?  Two BJ’s, of course.  Enjoy the show.

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EA Sasha BJ 3

EA Sasha BJ 20

EA Sasha BJ 59

EA Sasha BJ 76

EA Sasha BJ 81

EA Sasha BJ 86

Exotic Allure Tara Morgan with bonus scene   75 minutes   $25.00

I am posting the bonus version of Tara’s video here because it includes a 16-minute nude massage scene that is not part of the regular video.  When EA sent me the raw files, I was not sure if it was meant to be posted for sale or just a nice extra for my eyes only.  We decided to include it in a bonus version of her video here on the private site.

Tara is very hot.  She is a very cute brunette with nice big boobs and a great personality.  She is probably the hottest model for Exotic Allure so far.  If you find her anywhere, please send me a link. ;)

She gets fully nude in her regular video and looks great.

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EA Tara 1

EA Tara 11

EA Tara 27

EA Tara 67

EA Tara 84

EA Tara 100

EA Tara 121

EA Tara 139

Ally is a stunning young lady.  She has a beautiful body, nice big boobs and a killer booty.  Ally shows up for her first sexy glamour shoot with Big T.  She is not shy at all and starts undressing and showing off her body.  The camera guy even gives her a hand with her wardrobe, getting her skirt in just the right position and helping her get her panties down.  What a nice guy.  The shoots gets racier and racier and the camera guy ends up giving Ally an erotic oil massage and she is loving it.  You never know how these shoots will go and that is half the fun.

Download Ally’s first 60-minute video for $10.00

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Ally 9

Ally 34

Ally 46

Ally 47

Ally 59

Ally 70

Ally 83

Ally 89

Ally 99

Ally 121

Ally 151

Ally 159

Ally 166

Ally 184

Ally 200

Ally 211

Ally 331

Ally 350

Ally 372

Ally 381

Here is a great compilation of some of the hot models from EAP.  We have Allie James, Annabelle Lee, Candle Boxxx, and Hannah Perez appearing.  The scenes range from interviews to stripping to masturbation.  These models are all popular because they are smoking hot and great to work with.  Enjoy the show.

Download the EAP All Stars (52 minutes) for $15.00

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EAP All Stars 7

EAP All Stars 22

EAP All Stars 32

EAP All Stars 41

EAP All Stars 50

EAP All Stars 64

EAP All Stars 83

EAP All Stars 89

EAP All Stars 107

EAP All Stars 137

EAP All Stars 140

EAP All Stars 146

EAP All Stars 183

EAP All Stars 204

EAP All Stars 225

EAP All Stars 247

EAP All Stars 284

EAP All Stars 302

Exotic Allure was lucky enough to be the first video producer that Sasha Nexx worked with when she started her modeling career.  She is a beautiful young lady and has a great attitude.  In this package, I have collected all of Sasha’s videos for Exotic Allure. 

Her first video is really hot.  Sasha is gorgeous and the more I looked, the more I liked.  She does 3 great modeling scenes, getting fully nude for us.  I loved the lakeside setting and wonder who was getting a free show that day.  They go inside and Sasha gets a very sexy massage and has a very nice orgasm at the end.  She is incredible. Afterwards, we get to see Sasha’s first on-screen blowjobs in the industry.  The first time is always special and Sasha is a very special lady.  Enjoy the show.

Download Sasha’s Special Package for $25.00

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EA Sasha 3

EA Sasha 47

EA Sasha 66

EA Sasha 96

EA Sasha 106

EA Sasha 136

EA Sasha 140

EA Sasha 183

EA Sasha 193

EA Sasha 197

EA Sasha Massage 94

EA Sasha Massage 106

EA Sasha Massage 141

EA Sasha Massage 178

EA Sasha Massage 231

EA Sasha Massage 212

EA Sasha BJ 3

EA Sasha BJ 20

EA Sasha BJ 59

EA Sasha BJ 76

EA Sasha BJ 81

EA Sasha BJ 86

It’s Christmas time and we get to watch Deliliah get her gifts.  Man, she looks hot.  Deliliah is one of the sexiest chicks I have worked with.

First, she gets a nice big candy cane.  Better see how it tastes.  Those lips looks pretty hot.

Next up is the John Holmes dildo.  She gives it her best, but it is just too big.

Finally, she gets a nice pink dildo.  It is just the right size, what a great gift.  Look at that wet pussy.  Deliliah really does enjoy this stuff.

Download Deliliah PV10 for $15.00

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Deliliah PV10 7

Deliliah PV10 15

Deliliah PV10 44

Deliliah PV10 55

Deliliah PV10 71

Deliliah PV10 75

Deliliah PV10 95

Deliliah PV10 119

Deliliah PV10 122

Deliliah PV10 124

Deliliah PV10 135

Deliliah PV10 142

Deliliah PV10 155

Deliliah PV10 177

Deliliah PV10 187

Deliliah PV10 194

Deliliah PV10 240

Deliliah PV10 241

Mmm, wouldn’t you like to have Alana grinding on your lap?  I could get used to that.  Lovely Alana gets the camera guy warmed up with a hot lap dance, then she gives him an excellent blowjob.  Alana is smoking hot, she is real and genuine and really enjoys making these videos.  Every producer tries to make real videos with real amateurs, but Mac and HD are among the only ones that have succeeded.  Check this one out.

Download Alana’s BJ video (30 minutes) for $10.00

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HD Alana BJ 16

HD Alana BJ 26

HD Alana BJ 38

HD Alana BJ 50

HD Alana BJ 64

HD Alana BJ 83

HD Alana BJ 100

HD Alana BJ 110

HD Alana BJ 131

HD Alana BJ 148

HD Alana BJ 164

HD Alana BJ 181

Sandlmodels Kelly D PV3:  Nude and fetish fun!

This is an interesting video.  It consists of 4 scenes.  The first scene is a custom scene that Kelly did for a customer.  The other 3 scenes are fetish videos that she did for a different video producer.  Sandlmodels bought the rights to these videos and had them removed from the other producer’s websites.

clip 1 - a custom 15 min clip with Kelly D teasing, talking to the camera and ending with nude spreads in heels. (nude spreads in heels)

clip 2 - Nurse Kelly Strip Search - Nurse Kelly is suspected of having stolen drugs and is strip searched by another nurse. She strips nude, does a standing spread, then seats in a chair and does a gyno spread with knees in the air, then stands and spreads her ass cheeks so the nurse can see if she has hidden the drugs in her body cavities. The nurse then has Kelly D give a urine sample in a cup over the trash can. She then places Kelly D on the exam table and gives her a knockout shot so she can get her hands on her beautiful body. The whole thing was a ruse by the nurse who found Kelly D irresistible! (humiliation, gyno spreads, pissing, limp fetish, medical fetish)

clip 3 - Nurse Kelly Exam - Nurse Kelly has a patient who is complaining of abdominal pain. Nurse Kelly begins conducting the exam but needs her patient to disrobe so she can more effectively conduct the exam. Her patient is shy and doesn't want to disrobe so Nurse Kelly disrobes to show her it's no big deal. When both girls are nude the exam continues. After a while the Dr. comes in the room and demands to know what is going on. (girl-girl touching, medical fetish)

clip 4 - Secretary Strip Search - Kelly D is the office supervisor and is tired of her female employee goofing off. She confronts her and has her strip nude and spread her snatch to punish her for her poor performance. The boss interrupts the harassment and orders Kelly D to do the same thing then he binds both girls and humiliates them! (humiliation, strip to nude, spreads, bondage)

Download Kelly D PV3 (60 minutes) for $25.00

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Kelly D PV3 2

Kelly D PV3 10

Kelly D PV3 54

Kelly D PV3 72

Kelly D PV3 99

Kelly D PV3 104

Kelly D PV3 114

Kelly D PV3 116

Kelly D PV3 171

Kelly D PV3 190

Kelly D PV3 205

Kelly D PV3 210

Kelly D PV3 285

Kelly D PV3 312

Kelly D PV3 351

Kelly D PV3 377

Here is a fun little treat for you.  Gorgeous Cristina comes over and gives the camera guy a great blowjob.  Cristina is a lovely lady and I think her boobs are amazing.  She shows a lot of talent and enthusiasm here and gives us an excellent video to enjoy.

Download Cristina’s BJ Video (30 minutes) for $10.00

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HD Cristina BJ 2

HD Cristina BJ 16

HD Cristina BJ 24

HD Cristina BJ 42

HD Cristina BJ 70

HD Cristina BJ 72

HD Cristina BJ 111

HD Cristina BJ 123

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